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Cindy Milstein

Seeking writer-storytellers for “Collective Works of Grief: Unsettling Loss, Reinhabiting Humanity” anthology*

* The book’s main title is still being rethought and may change. It was “Public Works of Grief,” and I’ve toyed with “Common Works of Grief.” Any musings on the … Continue reading

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Crossing Over

There is a bridge between life and death. It’s called breath. Thin, weak, undirectional. Only visible for the minutes or seconds during which what’s left of faint air in lungs … Continue reading

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If you know me, you know I don’t like to be in photos. It’s the residue of years of arguments when my dad tried to take “act natural” photos that … Continue reading

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In a New Old Year of War: Love

On turning the pages of another calendar year, especially in an epoch marked by such a sense of “no future” for so many, this I wish not only for myself … Continue reading

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Because Capitalism

Recently, I randomly got into a 15-minute conversation with a talkative building maintenance guy in San Francisco’s Mission. He lives deep in the East Bay. “Who can be here when … Continue reading

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Anarchism Doesn’t Fit in Promoting Their Ballot Boxes

A bunch of years back, the “Don’t Just (Not) Vote” anarchist initiative emerged from a panel that I pulled together at the former (wonderful) National Conference on Organized Resistance — … Continue reading

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Unbearable Displacements

It was hard for me to comprehend, given the increasingly sanitized streets of most North American cities, the commonplace magnitude of street art in Athens during my recent trip to … Continue reading

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