Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Short Musings on the Occasion of My Dad’s 10-Year Jahrzeit

Grief sneaks up on you. It also plays havoc with time, shattering any semblance of linearity. And suddenly, some significant date hurls you backward on a calendar that didn’t make … Continue reading

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Blessed Solidarity

Such a blessing to be an accomplice yesterday at the #Nakba75 rally and march on the stolen lands of Tio’tia:ke/Montreal, not only alongside generations of resistance, but alongside Palestinians youths … Continue reading

May 15, 2023 · 2 Comments

A Climate of Grief

“Climate grief” is a daily companion of late. And not just in the narrow (albeit enormous) sense of capitalist-fueled ecological catastrophe. Like the fact that it’s snowing in May while … Continue reading

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Queer Joy Will Prevail

“After” and “before”: a tale of two sides in the present-day US uncivil war. After spotting some transphobic, homophobic, and fascist tags alongside a well-traveled foot+bike path, some folks decided … Continue reading

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How’s your covid grief?

“How’s your covid grief these days?” Those words, which traveled across an ocean and many borders as a DM, supplied a recognition that’s too rare in this so-called post-pandemic world: … Continue reading

March 26, 2023 · 1 Comment

Educating for Freedom

Since I seem to be in a space of not feeling inspired to write my usual picture-prose pieces for social media—call it winter or perhaps pandemic numbness—and as a way … Continue reading

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Nourishing Resistance

May I be so “forward” as to say how proud I am of my friend, and writer-editor-baker and caring human being extraordinaire, @wrenawry for publishing their first book—an amazing edited … Continue reading

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Reviving Grief Rituals, Honoring Our Dead

Grief rituals, one could argue, are part of the essential grounding for millennia-old cultures that orient toward far more ecological relations with the whole of this earth, including each other. … Continue reading

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Our Sacred Spaces in Their Unsafe World

There are no safe spaces. But there are sacred spaces. At this moment in history, like other particularly brutal epochs, there is no separating that sacredness from the unsafeness. That’s … Continue reading

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Defending the Trees, Mourning Our Dead

On my #FuckThePolice walks, I visit with a small forest of trees perched on a hilly embankment on Anishinabeeg lands above a river flowing from one side of so-called Michigan … Continue reading

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