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Cindy Milstein

Strategizing beyond the Occupations: Video of December 1 Event at Philly’s Wooden Shoe

http://occupyphillymedia.org/video/video-strategizing-beyond-occupations-event-wooden-shoe-dec-1st Thanks to Matt Dineen for organizing this event, and to Suzy Subways for filming it, along with her description, which follows: On Dec. 1st, less than 48 hours after … Continue reading

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New Selves for a New Year

After a week away from Occupy Philly, it was lovely to return to tonight’s general assembly “new year’s reflection,” focusing on what we personally and collectively have achieved in our … Continue reading

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A Small Slice of Occupy Lansing

Caveat: I love my parents; it’s good to visit them at their home (my childhood one) here in East Lansing. That said: 1. As my mom remarked today, I’m in … Continue reading

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Occupation in Philly, Day 55 (November 29)

Occupy Philly eviction starting around 1 a.m. this December 30–2 days & 8 hours after our eviction deadline, and simultaneously with Occupy LA’s eviction–by many hundreds of police (far outnumbering … Continue reading

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Occupation in Philly, Day 53 (November 27)

“The Change We Seek Cannot Be Evicted”: The Occupation in Philly Still Going Strong(er) “In the event of an eviction, we reserve the right to destroy capitalism” was just one … Continue reading

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Occupation in Philly, Day 43 (November 17)

Occupation Comedy The city serves Occupy Philly with notice of “imminent” eviction on Dilworth Plaza yesterday because of construction, after saying we’re standing in the way of labor and jobs; … Continue reading

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Occupation in Philly, Day 42-into-43 (November 16-into-17)

Imminent Possibilities Earlier today in my blog, way back in day 42 before it started transitioning into day 43, I briefly wrote of the twists & turns of occupation, and … Continue reading

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