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Cindy Milstein

Seeking writer-storytellers for “Public Works of Grief: Unsettling Loss, Reinhabiting Humanity” anthology

Note: Below you’ll find the overarching frame for an anthology I’m pulling together, Public Works of Grief: Unsettling Loss, Reinhabiting Humanity. In general, I’m curating the collection, directly contacting people … Continue reading

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Crossing Over

There is a bridge between life and death. It’s called breath. Thin, weak, undirectional. Only visible for the minutes or seconds during which what’s left of faint air in lungs … Continue reading

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If you know me, you know I don’t like to be in photos. It’s the residue of years of arguments when my dad tried to take “act natural” photos that … Continue reading

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In a New Old Year of War: Love

On turning the pages of another calendar year, especially in an epoch marked by such a sense of “no future” for so many, this I wish not only for myself … Continue reading

December 31, 2015 · 1 Comment

“Willingness to Love and Be Loved in Return”

On this full-moon autumnal eve (October 27), wrapped in an orange blanket and sipping hot butternut squash soup in an effort to overcome a bad cold, I’m reminded (by something … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Dignity

In this world of state, capital, and cops, most everything is being stolen or restolen from us. Here in Greece, austerity via the EU, wealthy global elites, and mega-financial institutions … Continue reading

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Archaeology of Bread and Ashes

Rosa Nera squat sits atop a hill overlooking a lighthouse built on ancient stone walls and a harbor’s mouth, which opens wide onto the seaside old town of Chania. One … Continue reading

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