Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Nourishing Resistance

May I be so “forward” as to say how proud I am of my friend, and writer-editor-baker and caring human being extraordinaire, @wrenawry for publishing their first book—an amazing edited … Continue reading

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Reviving Grief Rituals, Honoring Our Dead

Grief rituals, one could argue, are part of the essential grounding for millennia-old cultures that orient toward far more ecological relations with the whole of this earth, including each other. … Continue reading

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Our Sacred Spaces in Their Unsafe World

There are no safe spaces. But there are sacred spaces. At this moment in history, like other particularly brutal epochs, there is no separating that sacredness from the unsafeness. That’s … Continue reading

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Defending the Trees, Mourning Our Dead

On my #FuckThePolice walks, I visit with a small forest of trees perched on a hilly embankment on Anishinabeeg lands above a river flowing from one side of so-called Michigan … Continue reading

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Live Like the World Is Dying

It’s a bittersweet challenge these days to figure out, much less practice, what it means to “live like the world is dying.” After nearly three pandemic years, given how much … Continue reading

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Rainbows in the Rubble

Truth be told, it’s been hard to get out of bed this winter. More pointedly, it feels hard to find reasons to get out of bed. Some call that depression, … Continue reading

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Not My New Year

Not my New Years. Not this date established by a dictator, Julius Caesar, and his empire, then reaffirmed by the Papal State, and now upheld by capital and its food+alcohol … Continue reading

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Hanukkah 5783: Ritual as Resistance

NIGHT 1 There’s nary a Jewish holiday or ritual that isn’t about sorrow as well as joy. They are as inseparable as the braids in a challah loaf or havdallah … Continue reading

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Recording of Beautiful “Try Anarchism for Life” Event Hosted by Firestorm Books

For those who missed @firestormcoop’s lovely offering of (cyber)space for a celebration of my new book, Try Anarchism for Life (@tangled_wilderness), here’s the video for your leisurely viewing. What I … Continue reading

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I Saw Someone Die Today

I saw someone die today. It was toward the end of an hourlong walk that I had to force myself to do because it’s so bitterly cold and dismal outside. … Continue reading

December 17, 2022 · 1 Comment