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Cindy Milstein

Recording of Beautiful “Try Anarchism for Life” Event Hosted by Firestorm Books

For those who missed @firestormcoop’s lovely offering of (cyber)space for a celebration of my new book, Try Anarchism for Life (@tangled_wilderness), here’s the video for your leisurely viewing.

What I love about crafting events with Libertie, besides loving Libertie as a dear friend, is her/their willingness to be creative and think outside the (Zoom) box! So shoutout to Libertie for suggesting and doing the logistical work to turn this launch into a visual feast of anarchist artworks, from the streets to walls to book covers to the beauty of the event promo image.

That wouldn’t have been possible, though, without three other dear friends agreeing to share images of their anarcho-gorgeous creations (drawings, paintings, graphic design, etc.) and each speak for 15-20 minutes on how they think about art, beauty, and anarchism. So shoutout too to @lokimon, @muquuuuu, and @nobonzo (all of whom have beautiful circle A drawings in the book) for not only joining this event but, damn, also all being so ridiculously insightful, provocative, and inspiring with when they shared their thoughts and feelings. Indeed, feel free to skip past my opening (though maybe listen to my 5-minute reading of a piece from this book) to get to all their gems!

And last but not least, shoutout to my friends and part of the collective that published this book, @house.of.hands and @margaretkilljoy, for their willingness to speak briefly at the beginning about Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness!

If you know me, you know I generally hate doing Zoom events, or at least usually feel awkward during them and letdown afterward. Yet thanks to everyone above, this actually did feel joyful and celebratory, save for making me miss chatting with and learning from them all in person (may that happen soon[ish] somehow too).

I hope watching/listening brings you some or even much joy—something we all need a lot more of these days.

(photo: screenshot of the opening image from the YouTube recording of Firestorm Book’s #TryAnarchismForLife event on November 29, 2022, featuring the book’s cover in green and pink, designed by @eff_charm with circle A art by @landonsheely)



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