Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

I’m Tired …

Feeling this today:

I’m tired of seeing “The Jews” trending on Twitter for what is now, at least on my computer screen, going on two weeks. It’s never good. It’s actually getting worse.

I’m tired of what I see, watch, and hear when I go down the traumatic rabbit hole of why “The Jews” are trending. (Yes, I should stop, but we all also need to understand how Christian fascism is not creeping but rather racing forward—the better, I hope, to fight and smash it.)

I’m tired of how it feels when I see a swastika or Nazi or other fascist symbols. I’m tired of the disconnect too many non-Jewish anarchists and antifascists have fallen into these past few years of not seeing symbols like the swastika or words like “Nazi” as having anything to do with us Jews and antisemitism—as somehow only meaning “fascism”—and not appearing to understand, much less show empathy about, how it must feel for us to see and hear and experience those increasingly commonplace markers.

I’m tired of non-Jewish anarchists and other antifascist radicals rarely including us Jews and antisemitism in their lists of those many different peoples/identities being targeted by the Christian fascists and the intertwined -isms driving that fascism.

I know we—all of us who despise Christian fascism—are all tired, are all traumatized, all have different (though I’d argue, interrelated) histories, and it’s impossible to take on all the many fights we need to wage on so many fronts. Yet our destinies—all those of us “trending” with Christian fascists online and especially off—are bound up together. They always have been, especially since Christianity set sail to colonize and dispossess and brutalize the whole world over 500 years ago.

I want to be a little less tired because we can all rest in the knowledge that there’s a whole lot more solidarity that embraces us all—that sees and names and shares in each other’s tiredness.

So that we may all live.

(photo: graffiti of a swastika that’s been crossed out, as seen on stolen Anishinaabeg lands)

#AntisemitismHurts #AntisemitismKills

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