Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Act Up

When a president says “the pandemic is over,” it’s not only time to reiterate: #NoMorePresidents.

It’s time to get louder, prouder, and even more visible with our forms of collective care everywhere we go—to mask and booster up, but also act up.

It’s time to be more intentional about loving and protecting each other, from crafting and putting in place COVID harm reduction strategies, including in our self-organized spaces, to better imagining and implementing what it means to look out for each other’s well-being over the long haul, including long COVID or “merely” the isolation of this long pandemic.

It’s time to leave no one behind, or in the case of the individualistic-oriented United States, to see anarchistic practice as being deeply communal—that is, creating and sustaining (infra)structures that are autonomous from the state (and that try harder not to see and act like a state) while continually, concurrently, lending social solidarity to all, materially and immaterially.

It’s time, as well, to substantively, publicly, rebelliously mourn all the many many many dead, as our routine ritual, as the stuff of life, toward life. Every street corner an altar; every act of comfort and care an altar; every bit of rage and every moment of uprising an altar; every heart too.

#ViralGrief #RebelliousMourning #MaskUp #CollectiveCare #SolidarityNotStates

(photo: “immunocompromised people are worth protecting” sticker by @pipagaopoetry as seen this summer on the stolen lands of Tio’tia:ke/Montreal)


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