Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein


Suddenly today, it was 70 degrees and brilliantly sunny. 

Suddenly, too, the flowers decided to bloom in bright yellow, pink, and purple profusion, and little lime green buds awoke on tree branches. 

And just as suddenly, the usually empty riverside path was full of life: cyclists, skateboarders, roller skaters, baby strollers, dogs, and joggers; folks making music, flying kites, playing games, watching birds, chilling with friends, eating takeout outdoors, or setting up food to break their Ramadan fast at dusk. 

“Simple pleasures,” when the human and nonhuman world organically self-organize, opening themselves up to how much more beautiful our days could and should be. 

Suddenly, this subtle yet spectacular shift from wintery spring to summery spring caused a sort of collective intoxication (no need for alcohol) in which passersby felt free to now smile at each other, or stop to exchange friendly conversation or even laughter with perfect strangers. 

How quickly things can change when the ecosystem around us changes! We humans, for all our pretensions of superiority over “nature,” aren’t all that different from how flowers respond to nutritious soil, water, and warmth; we too can blossom in ways we never imagined. 

So in celebration of a sudden sense of promise—fragile and ephemeral yet delightfully sweet nonetheless—someone marked today’s #EverydayAnarchism on some outdoor walls while also, of course, not forgetting to “smell the roses” (or rather, early hints of the forsythia) for themselves on this fine day. 

#CollectiveCare #MutualAid #SocialSolidarity #SpringNotStates #TryAnarchismForLife


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