Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

RevLeftRadio Interview: Grief, Death, and Communal Resistance

About a month ago, Breht with Revolutionary Left Radio interviewed me, and below you’ll find the edited result of our conversation, along with some links that Breht kindly included when he posted the audio file — hopefully for your listening pleasure. Here’s the link to the interview, jumping off my edited anthology “Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief” (published by AK Press and designed by Jeff Clark).


Cindy Milstein, Jewish anarchist, author, and organizer, joins Breht to discuss the collection of essays she compiled and edited titled “Rebellious Mourning”.

Find Cindy’s books from PM Press here: http://www.pmpress.org/content/article.php/CindyMilstein

Find Cindy’s books from AK Press here: https://www.akpress.org/rebellious-mourning.html

Here is Cindy’s interview on Solecast: http://www.soleone.org/solecast/2018/3/23/solecast-w-cindy-milstein-on-rebellious-mourning

Here is Cindy’s Interview on This is Hell: https://thisishell.com/guests/cindy-milstein

Here is Cindy’s interview on Final Straw: https://thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org/post/category/cindy-milstein/

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