Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

New Moon, Constant Love


On this night of a new moon, July 15, I want to send three little words out to anyone who needs them. I know some folks near and dear to me are going through tender times, because this world often isn’t loving to vulnerable and open hearts. And then there are those many people around the globe who feel jilted, abandoned, heartbroken, or have lost too many people who told them “i love you” and meant it.

We actually all can always use “i love you.” So why hold it so close? The three words only grow bigger, more generous and expansive, by the act of sharing, to and from a variety of voices and types of human relationships, frequently. Love, after all, is one of the few, or perhaps only, things that becomes more abundant the more abundantly that we give it away.

Why are we so stingy with it? Why are we so scared?

Tonight, on this new moon, when “OXI” (No) in Greece meant yes in the cruelest of ways, politically and personally, but also in many corners of this harsh, global social order, it feels especially as if love should be solidarity, and solidarity should be love. Or love should be our greatest solidarity, our greatest gift, to each other.

So I want to spread it around as new moon, as guide for uncharted waters, as salve for all the hurts, all the ongoing suffering and mourning. But more that that, I want to spread love as warmth, as gladness, as a wink that you can then pass along to someone else — like this mysterious street art does for me every time I walk by it.

I love you
I love me, too
I love humanity
I love those humans who fight back and resist
I love those humans who embrace life and each other
I love all who dream and walk fiercely toward intimacy
I love all who love and desire freedom
I love rebels and truth
I love you
We love

It’s all we’ve got. And it’s a whole lot. Or could be.

*   *   *

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(Photo by Cindy Milstein, graffiti, Montreal on Turtle Island, summer 2015.)


2 comments on “New Moon, Constant Love

  1. hollybynoe
    July 17, 2015

    Thank you Cindy. Love returned in abundance. Blessings. Holly

  2. bob roberts
    July 25, 2015

    Thank You for your love and solidarity.

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