Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Gifts on (No Love for Cops and Condos) Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day gift #1: new sticker, now on my computer; #2: people who struggle with warmth and dignity against the coldness of this world.


Valentine’s Day gift #3: elegant tiny pin, as perfect accessory for any ACAB occasion; #4: people who can indeed be authentically giving and loving despite how much such ethics are crushed/commodified in this social structure.


Valentine’s Day gift #5: half a found heart, from a friend who found and hung on to the other half, because the pair of us can’t seem to help but be vulnerably open-hearted, to a fault, despite and maybe due to the scars of loss; #6: people who don’t fear to love, who in fact push past their fears to love boldly with full and open hearts, despite and maybe due to their many wounds, because it’s our best amulet against all the socialization that deadens, damages, and breaks us into scared, shutoff little pieces.

Whatcha waiting for?


I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect February 14: loving on my San Francisco Mission neighborhood and home with rebellious spirits at the No Love for Cops and Condos procession (organized by the Station 40 collective) by day, and equally loving a late-night adventure with friends to Oakland for FTP lyrics set to music by Leftover Crack. For all the hardness in this world, there are still plenty of resistantly sweet hearts, fortunately many of them surrounding me this DIY Valentine’s Day.

*   *   *

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(Photos by Cindy Milstein, San Francisco gifts, February 14, 2015.)


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