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Today this 10-year-old — one of my favorite kids in the world, and now part of my chosen family here in my childhood hometown of East Lansing, Michigan, a place I feel more at home in then ever as I help his adopted 85-yr-old grandma (& my adopted second mom) adjust to increasing fragility — told his parents that he didn’t understand why I wasn’t married. “Cindy is so great. She really plays with me. I think she should be married to a cat,” who, I suppose, will play with me in return. Meow!

On my first night here, June 30, he sat me down to show me a video game he adores called Healing Hands. His bio-mom died when he was 4, and a day before my bio-mom died — 9 months ago as of today, this July 3 — he told me, compassionately, taking my hand, “Soon we’ll both have dead moms.” In Healing Hands, as he explained a couple days ago, he can bring all the good people back to life. He thought I’d like that. Purr!

*  *  *

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(Photo by Cindy Milstein, monkey-friend in a tree, Michigan State University campus, July 2, 2014.)



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