Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Signs of the Times in Montreal

A small sampler from the well-worn streets of Montreal these nights:

1. Signs of Maple Spring in Montreal

2. Signs of resistance in Montreal

3. Signs of Disobedience in Montreal

4. Signs of Gender Trouble in Montreal

5. Signs of Solidarity in Montreal

6. Signs of Anticapitalism in Montreal

7. Signs of Anarchism in Montreal

8. Signs of the Rabbit Crew in Montreal

9. Signs of Wisdom in Montreal

10. Signs of Mobilization in Montreal

11. Signs of Social Strike in Montreal

12. Signs of New History in Montreal 

13. Signs of New Geography in Montreal

14. Signs of Hope in Montreal

15. Signs of Winning in Montreal

16. Signs of Maple Summer in Montreal

17. Signs of the Grand Prix Weekend

18. Signs of Cross-Border Connections in Montreal

19. Signs of People Power in Montreal

20. Signs of Direct Democracy in Montreal

* * *

If you stumbled across this blog post as a reposting somewhere, please excuse the typos/grammatical errors (it’s a blog, after all), and note that you can find other blog-musings and more polished essays at my Outside the Circle, cbmilstein.wordpress.com/


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This entry was posted on June 9, 2012 by in Dispatches from Quebec Spring.
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