Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Lexicon Pamphlet Series: Downloadable PDFs! (English, Japanese, and soon Spanish)

The Lexicon pamphlet series, a new project of the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS), aims to convert words into politically useful tools—for those already engaged in a politics from below as well as the newly approaching—by offering definitional understandings of commonly used keywords. Each Lexicon is a two-color pamphlet featuring one keyword or phrase, defined in about 2,000 words of text, and all pamphlets are available for free from the IAS, or can be downloaded here for printing and sharing (and soon on the IAS Web site too!) in either color or B&W. Get ’em out to occupy everywheres, your neighbors, friends, and family, infoshops and community centers, and on and on!

The first five pamphlets, designed by Josh MacPhee of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative and printed by P&L Printing in Denver, are: “Anarchism” by Cindy Milstein, “Colonialism” by Maia Ramnath, “Gender” by Jamie Heckert, “Power” by Todd May, and “White Supremacy” by Joel Olson. Stay tuned for more titles in this growing series, such as “Capitalism,” “Direct Action,” and “Solidarity,” among others. And for more on the IAS, see http://anarchiststudies.org

lex_anarchism_master (Anarchism)

lex_colonialism_master (Colonialism)

lex_gender_master (Gender)

lex_power_master (Power)

lex_whitesup_master (White Supremacy)

And thanks to translator(s) in Japan who took it on themselves to translate Lexicon into their language, here’s the Lexicon series as PDFs in Japanese (with Spanish to come soon):


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