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Cindy Milstein

Podcast: A Jewish-Arab Diaspora Conversation

If you’ve read any (or hopefully all) of my curated anthologies, you’ll know that I adore putting many anarchist voices into a collective dialogue wrestling with many threads of an … Continue reading

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Final Straw Radio: Downloadable Zine Version of My Podcast Interview, “On Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists”

As if to fulfill one of the cultural stereotypes of Jews as long-windedly talkative, not to mention wandering around seemingly aimlessly from topic to topic (because everything is messy, complex, … Continue reading

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Mending a Broken World: Milstein Chat on Coffee with Comrades Podcast

My friend and marvelous podcaster Pearson kindly invited me to join in “coffee” and conversation on the warm, wise, and ever-engaging @coffeewithcomrades, and the result is episode 132: Mending a … Continue reading

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Firestorm Books: Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Event

To celebrate the release of a new collection of contemporary essays, art, and poetry by Jewish anarchists, Firestorm Books kindly hosted a conversation on April 15, 2021 (or 5781 if … Continue reading

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Act Up

When a president says “the pandemic is over,” it’s not only time to reiterate: #NoMorePresidents. It’s time to get louder, prouder, and even more visible with our forms of collective … Continue reading

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Rhizomatic Openings

In this time and space of so much suffering, loss, and grief—and sadly, so much fracturing instead of stronger bonds of rebellious love and solidarity—it’s an even more remarkable and … Continue reading

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Our Grief Has to Count

How do we honor our grief when there’s too much of it?  Today is the ninth yahrzeit of my father’s death. As one of my sisters noted, it almost gets … Continue reading

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Under One’s Wing

Today I got a sacred, magical glimpse of what it means to take someone “under one’s wing,” and many small peeks at what it feels like to trust fully in … Continue reading

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Refreshing Ourselves

So much of who and what we were and aspired to be, whether as anarchists or plain-old people, seems to have faded away during the pandemic. Or maybe worn to … Continue reading

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Suddenly today, it was 70 degrees and brilliantly sunny.  Suddenly, too, the flowers decided to bloom in bright yellow, pink, and purple profusion, and little lime green buds awoke on … Continue reading

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We Can Fight with Love and Joy in Our Hearts

Anarchist #CarePackages are always, also, #LaborsOfLove. Yet in the case of the one I got in my mailbox a few days ago from my (so far only cyber) friend @scottdanielwilliams, … Continue reading

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“New Traditions for Turbulent Times”: A Review of My Edited Anthology, “There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart”

Review in the Jewish Socialist (Spring 2022) by Gabriel Moshenska (@GabeMoshenska) of There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists, edited by Cindy Milstein (AK Press, … Continue reading

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We Can’t Stay Strong If We Don’t Mourn Well

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that in a “culture” that hides, denies, and/or commodifies death and mourning, including by pathologizing grief if it “lasts too long,” and increasingly … Continue reading

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