Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Love Letter

I’m not sure I’ve ever received a better love letter (though I’m happy to be proven wrong in the future!). Nor a more startling one, and one that truly warranted … Continue reading

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Bookended between “Bitter” and “Sweet”

“Bittersweet”: that’s the lone word, more than any other, that has stuck with me throughout the long, winding journey of gathering the pieces for an anthology on grief, loss, and … Continue reading

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Anarchism Doesn’t Fit in Promoting Their Ballot Boxes

A bunch of years back, the “Don’t Just (Not) Vote” anarchist initiative emerged from a panel that I pulled together at the former (wonderful) National Conference on Organized Resistance — … Continue reading

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Talk to Neighbors, Not to Cops

This image, copied on to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, now wrinkled and worn, has been tacked up in my collective home’s bathroom for, likely, years now. So … Continue reading

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Reflection on Home

A lanky, wizened man in faded overalls, his face crisscrossed with lines of years of stories, tapped me on the shoulder at Honeybee Market as I loaded avocados and Topo-Chico … Continue reading

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Whatever Way the Wind Blows

This Sunday morning, a sulfury smell filled my nostrils when I walked outside — a stench hanging heavy over SW Detroit, where I live. Usually, such foul air stays further … Continue reading

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Just Another Night in the Police State

We’d been talking for hours outside a corner store, on a hot summer evening in Detroit, about organizing locally against prisons and police. We got in random conversations with other … Continue reading

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What We Still Have

Possessions have meant less and less to me over the years, especially since my parents died. I saved almost nothing material of them. And the small, portable mementos I did … Continue reading

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Six Months, Less Light

I hadn’t thought about it while gazing at these three glittery-lit deer way back when, six months ago today, but I was also on another nightly lookout, for another dear: … Continue reading

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