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Cindy Milstein

Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair: Recording of “Jewish Anarchists” Panel

On Sunday, May 30, I was joined by the lovely mensch and brilliant contributors to my latest edited anthology, There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the … Continue reading

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Mending a Broken World: Milstein Chat on Coffee with Comrades Podcast

My friend and marvelous podcaster Pearson kindly invited me to join in “coffee” and conversation on the warm, wise, and ever-engaging @coffeewithcomrades, and the result is episode 132: Mending a … Continue reading

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IJV Canada: Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Launch

On April 29, 2021/5781, the 33 night of Omer and also Lag B’Omer, I gathered with dear friends and contributors Aaron Lakoff, Ami Weintraub, Malcah, Avi, and Leigh Hoffman—with much … Continue reading

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Ahuehuete.org: Recording of “Building Autonomy” Panel

What is autonomy, and how do we construct it? Or rather, as we ended up focusing on during this online conversation across numerous spaces and borders, How do we live … Continue reading

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Firestorm Books: Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Event

To celebrate the release of a new collection of contemporary essays, art, and poetry by Jewish anarchists, Firestorm Books kindly hosted a conversation on April 15, 2021 (or 5781 if … Continue reading

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A Share of Freedom

I’ve been gifted many a sweetly thoughtful, heart-filled #CarePackage filled with much-needed inspiration and even hope since the #FuckCOVID19 era began, yet none have contained a share—quite literally—in an autonomous … Continue reading

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Cop-Unfriendly City

Water, to cops, isn’t life. It’s just another thing to stab, such as when border cops slashed and destroyed bottled water left by No More Deaths/No Más Muertes for those … Continue reading

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Our Bodies Keep Score

In the book “The Body Keeps the Score,” which I read last pandemic summer when at one of my (too many) bleakest points, of the various methods of how to … Continue reading

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What Might Yet Be Flowering

As the psychic light switch on the pandemic switched suddenly to “off” with the CDC’s about-face on masks and the advent of summer, and people—at least in the so-called United … Continue reading

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Why We Write

Why does one spend some 2.5 years of one’s life pulling together a book, as voluntary labor of love (aka for #NoMoneyNoMasters)? Because as anarchists and, in this case, diasporic … Continue reading

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All Flourishing Is Mutual

I wrote a long zine a few years back, in the before times, asserting the importance of “Organizing Social Spaces as If Social Relations Matter” (www.sproutdistro.com). This sunny afternoon, in … Continue reading

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Mourning and Fighting for the Palestinian Dead

If it feels like there are more dead to mourn every day, you would not be mistaken. There are. The unquiet dead—those who should not yet have died, nor so … Continue reading

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Protection as Prefiguration

While this banner’s symbol only hints at the anarchistic Jews (and accomplices) who created it for this past Friday’s #FreePalestine solidarity demo that we circled up for with about 200-300 … Continue reading

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