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Cindy Milstein

Seeking Anarchist Feminist Artwork for an Anthology

Are you an anarchist feminist who makes good art and good trouble? Who fills the streets and walls with the #ArtOfResistance, fueled by your #LoveAndRage? Who knows that not only … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair: Recording of “Jewish Anarchists” Panel

On Sunday, May 30, I was joined by the lovely mensch and brilliant contributors to my latest edited anthology, There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the … Continue reading

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Mending a Broken World: Milstein Chat on Coffee with Comrades Podcast

My friend and marvelous podcaster Pearson kindly invited me to join in “coffee” and conversation on the warm, wise, and ever-engaging @coffeewithcomrades, and the result is episode 132: Mending a … Continue reading

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IJV Canada: Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Launch

On April 29, 2021/5781, the 33 night of Omer and also Lag B’Omer, I gathered with dear friends and contributors Aaron Lakoff, Ami Weintraub, Malcah, Avi, and Leigh Hoffman—with much … Continue reading

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Ahuehuete.org: Recording of “Building Autonomy” Panel

What is autonomy, and how do we construct it? Or rather, as we ended up focusing on during this online conversation across numerous spaces and borders, How do we live … Continue reading

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Firestorm Books: Recording of “Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists” Book Event

To celebrate the release of a new collection of contemporary essays, art, and poetry by Jewish anarchists, Firestorm Books kindly hosted a conversation on April 15, 2021 (or 5781 if … Continue reading

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New Year 5782: Solidarity (and Shmita) Is Sacred

This evening in the liminal space-time of neither day nor night, sun nor moon (when we see beyond divides and borders, toward sweet potentialities in the here and now), in … Continue reading

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Soil of Solidarity

Sometimes a small act can open the widest of windows onto the most remarkable of vistas: what’s possible—directly, voluntarily, and mutualistically, with tenacity and tenderness—when the impossible happens (again). In … Continue reading

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It Can All Change So Quickly

Change, of course, is the only constant in life. Heraclitus famously made this observation way back around 500 BC, yet without a doubt, humans had long recognized this fact for … Continue reading

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Food Is Life

I’ve been trying to think outside the box about food lately. For one, because as of a week ago, my vax was finally my “passport” to be able to travel … Continue reading

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Mutual Fire Brigade—Sadly Even More Relevant

I’m always delighted to have an excuse to plug one of the most beautiful and principled (and caring) anarchist bookstore project I know (and love): Firestorm Books in Asheville, NC. … Continue reading

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Stretching Our Openness

If endemic-pandemic time has taught us anything as radicals, aka anarchists, it’s that we need to be open, whether to the seemingly ever-changing, often-disastrous conditions we face and what they … Continue reading

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Mask Up, Still

This sidewalk stencil, as wandered past on the start of today’s #FuckCOVID19 walk, survived a whole year, summer 2020 to summer 2021, little worse for the wear and tear. So … Continue reading

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Exercising Our Anarchist Backbones

It takes a strong backbone to resist the peer pressure of a society that doesn’t seem capable of holding the safety of all in mind and openly defy its harm-increase … Continue reading

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Naming Our Grief: It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This

I want to name grief. Which means I want to name depression. And name rage too. Name sorrow and emptiness, or maybe it’s more of a flatness or dissociation, when … Continue reading

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