Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Vacant SF

Your landlord uses words like “transition” and “vacate.” Your house doesn’t fit neatly into the Ellis Act box. It doesn’t make it on to the maps of evictions. There are … Continue reading

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Anarchist(ic) Co-Housing, Anyone?

In a big land-trusted building in a big to midsize North American city with mix of individual, social, and political/education spaces and people?! On a piece of land-trusted urban land, … Continue reading

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I spent a misty-rainy autumn afternoon yesterday with a cemetarian, walking through the woods to see various natural burial sites, mostly already hidden beneath renewed ground cover or fallen branches. … Continue reading

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Pick Your Own

No matter how hard this earth gets — because it does get hard, and always will, as part of the human condition and, increasingly, our human folly — chosen family … Continue reading

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Yahrzeit: Share of Love

Yahrzeit: literally, year’s time. Or in the Jewish tradition, the observed anniversary of the death of a parent or close loved one, often marked by the lighting of a candle. … Continue reading

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Flowers of Grief

anthology: via French or medieval Latin from Greek anthologia, from anthos ‘flower’ + -logia ‘collection’ (from legein ‘gather’). In Greek, the word originally denoted a collection of the “flowers” of … Continue reading

September 29, 2014 · 2 Comments


This time last year, I likely stayed up the whole night, sitting in a chair by my mom’s hospital bed, moved into her assisted-living home. She lived in this community … Continue reading

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