Outside the Circle

Cindy Milstein

Transforming Grief

My mom’s been on my mind all this September 3 day & night, like mist. She was here this time last year, just barely. Eleven months gone. One month more … Continue reading

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Things I Hate about San Francisco’s Gentrification, Take Two a Year Later

One year ago, in August-September 2013, in a perverse experiment in trying to capture capitalism’s rampage on the streets of San Francisco, I created a “Twitter” poem: 140 lines of … Continue reading

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Adding Layers to Street Art’s Message

I’m visiting my sister in Madison, Wisconsin, a town with a long tradition of progressive politics, which people wear proudly — and even in excess — on buttons, bumperstickers, yard … Continue reading

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Acting Up for Gaza

Usually, I don’t like twitter. Its enforced brevity seems to speak volumes about the reduction of our ability to understand and articulate the complexities of social phenomena; its ephemeral character … Continue reading

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Unpalatable Celebrations

BARB That is my mom’s name. That was her name. Today, July 28, is — would have been — her birthday. We had this ritual, on this day, she and … Continue reading

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To Pieces

There’s a way in which falling to pieces, brokenness, is the only choice in this present social order, which denies life at every turn. We can hardly face the news … Continue reading

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Slow to Notice

Yet again, despite my disbelief in horoscopes (though profound belief in the value of looking up at the stars), there’s an eerie convergence of my life and the one person’s … Continue reading

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